Getting your local app noticed…


Spreading the word about your new local app can be a daunting process. You know your app is the perfect means by which to connect people to the amenities and services in their neighborhood whilst also offering visitors an insight into what your city or community has to offer. Now you just need everyone else to know about it!

In Part 2 of our App Marketing series ‘How to Promote Your App’ we highlight more great techniques to help you do just that. Continuing with our theme from Part 1, app marketing tips that cost almost nothing, we’ve gathered our favorite tips to help you market your local app.


Take advantage of voicemail

Got a catchy tagline? Why not include a mention of your app in your phone’s voicemail recording. Get creative, but be sure to keep it short and speak clearly.


Identify online forums and look for topics or threads related to your area. Be helpful and offer your expertise and advice at no cost. A banner in your forum signature can be a very effective way of letting people know about your local app.

Collect emails

Create and measure email marketing campaigns. On your website you should be collecting email addresses of people interested in your app. Use Mailchimp, which is free for the first 2000 subscribers to build a relationship with these people.

Use Facebook

It goes without saying: create a Facebook page! With the option to target by location, a small budget can go a long way in paid promoted posts to reach people local to your area. Great for getting the word out there and generating a buzz about your local app within the community.

Share your content

Use your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles to share the app content several times a week. Promote your exclusive special offers and upcoming events. Fresh, relevant content will keep app users engaged and coming back for more!


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